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How do I get started?

Your domain name is the user-friendly version of your your web address, an alias of your IP from which your website is connected.

It is normally identified by a url (e.g. and serves as the first and formal recognition of your website.

We have some Quick FAQ's with some of the most commonly asked questions to help you get started easily.

If you got any questions, feel free to email us anytime anything about our domain registration & management service.

Quick FAQs’

You can use our domain checker on top to search if your desired domain is available. Simply enter any keyword (i.e., yourbusinessname) and the extension you like (.com, .org, .net, .info, .me, etc), click the Check button and wait for a few seconds. Our system will then show you if the domain name is available or not along with the corresponding price.
Domain pre-reservation is a limited promotional campaign we offer occasionally for .com domains. Once you submitted your expression of interest, we will register your domain name under our registration information. You will be given a week to finalize your domain registration with us by simply ordering any webhosting package to host your domain into. We will liaise with you and provide all necessary information you need to get the final registration/ownership transferred to you as hassle-free as possible. If you fail to comply, we will either let the domain expire or put it in auction at a different price point being made available to the public. Pre-reservation benefits you by 1) securing the availability of your domain 2) saving you by almost 50-90% less than the normal price 3) setting your domain name system (DNS) so it's configured to work on your email, your website, etc. - again at no further charges. We do this not only to potentially expand our client base but we look at ways to bolster our service in domain registration and management so business owners like you can concentrate on primary tasks of managing your business instead.
While domain prices may vary depending on the registrar, some domain extensions can cost significantly higher than the others. For example, a .rich domain can cost as much as $3-4K/year while a .info domain can cost for you as low as $3-4/year. We affiliate with some of the most affordable domain vendors available not only to give you great prices but also to make sure we can cater to new exciting top-level domains (TLD) with unique opportunities for new businesses and to further personalize your brand online. On many occasions, we also run promotional campaigns so you can pre-reserve your domain before someone else registers it and it's gone, forever. Email us anytime to inquire about promotional domain pre-reservation.
Almost all domain names need to be registered for at least a year ( needs at least 2 years). Nevertheless, you are not limited and are encouraged to register for multiple years for peace of mind. Once registered, all you have to do to keep your domain name working is simply to pay for its renewal fee before it expires.
Short answer is yes. In fact many big company names do this to maintain their online branding throughout the online space. So if you are registering a .com domain, it might be worthwhile to register a .net, .org, etc. as well. The other domains can be configured in such a way that visitors/traffic from those other domains will be automatically forwarded yo your main (i.e., com) website.
You don't have to wait until your domain expires. We will send you automated email notification close to the expiry date. Expired domain will cause all online services associated with that domain to stop working including your website, your emails, subdomains, etc. Worst cases, other people may register your domain for themselves once it becomes available and put it in auction at very steep prices.
Depending on your hosting package, we allow you to set up subdomains to as many as you like. You will only be limited however by the storage space and bandwidth resources included in your webhosting package. You can set up a subdomain like or Though it is not normally needed, we can advice you further which set up is applicable depending on your requirements.

Do I really need to have a domain?

Without a good domain name, it would be a disaster trying to build your online brand in the long run. Your website, your email, your marketing brand, your online presence, your eCommerce gateway all depends on your chosen domain name… it's all about you, it's what your business does, it is where you are in the world-wide-web.

Although, subject to domain registrar requirements, the fact is, almost anyone can register any domain name they like. There are as many as 100 domains being registered every minute. Yes, every 60 seconds, people are scrambling at domain registrars trying to get the domain name they want before their competitor does.

And what that could mean to you? Well, you will just be surprised that the domain name you really like is now gone… gone for good. Even worst, other people may have already registered it and put in auction at a price a 100 times more than when it was first registered.

Truth is, a single domain name can be unbelievably cheap or doubly expensive. All the while, your chosen domain name (if it is still available and you are lucky) can be as little as the price of  a single crust deep pan pizza!

And for you to know, HiramHQ does all the hassle for you. Simply submit to us the domain name you like and we will take all the paperworks for its registration to roll.

You domain name will be all configured (DNS set up, hosted and propagated) and ready to take in your email, your website, or whatever you want with it.

Try to enter your desired domain name above (i.e.,, hit the Check button and register your domain name today!

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