How the Four Pillars of Webmarketing Channels Can Help Propel Your Business?

While anyone may engage in different selling strategies, every marketing effort we do online falls into either one of the following marketing channels:

Your website alone is a basic example of passive marketing. Given all else are equal, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will work to index your website for a purpose- to deliver the most optimal information to people that search for certain information via the www. While time could be the most limiting factor, highly optimised websites will benefit better ranking positions in search engine results pages (SERPs). By convention, a webpage that ranks 1st gets the highest clickthroughs followed by the 2nd, then 3rd, and the rest is shared by other tens or hundreds of other related websites.

You might have heard by now about SEO (search engine optimization) and/or organic ranking. Business owners seek help from SEO specialists to make the most of those ranking potentials. As search engines do not charge businesses to rank organically (yes, it’s free whether you rank 1st or 100th on the SERPs), optimizing your website to claim highly-targeted ranking for your cornerstone pages is always a good and wise investment.

Good SEO is when you know the amount of traffic your website can potentially receive based on the volume of searchable keywords around your products/services with a goal of converting those traffic by placing top priority on your high-intent keywords.

While SEO is not a rocket-science, it can also hurt your site if not done properly. While rankings are free, SEO is not, and can take considerable amount of time and content optimisation before observable results are achieved. If you are impatient, SEO may not be for you.

You can proactively gain higher rankings at the least possible time by engaging in paid advertising such as Adwords or Bing Ads. In online marketing this is often referred to as SEM (search engine marketing). Persuasive marketing involves special offers, promotions, products on sale, etc; and people marketing, possibly the most effective/efficient one includes word-of-mouth, referrals, direct marketing among others.

Depending on your market, niche, time, and budget, every marketing effort we do online should focus on maximizing either one or all of the above marketing channels. The ultimate goal is to bring your MVO (Minimum Viable Offer) (includes your services, products, your corporate profile, etc) to your target customers that results in a transaction/sale (purchase, booking, inquiry, etc.)

How About Blogging, Email and Social Media Marketing?

Blogging/content marketing is a very powerful form of educational marketing. It helps build an authority website that ranks better and faster than regular websites. It also promotes trust and relationship with passive prospects.  With the never-ending changes in search engine algorithms, content marketing is a robust method to consistently rank websites targeting multiple search terms.

Email marketing is a high-end promotional channel that allows you to actively nurture potential clients. Normally, you would provide a free offer on your website for prospects to subscribe and undergo a series of pre-scheduled email campaigns. Eventually, you can provide a special offer to convert a potential customer.

Social media marketing (Facebook, etc) and Google My Business listing can be both people marketing and proactive marketing. Moreover, it is not uncommon for facebook pages and google listings to passively yet rank highly in SERPs.

In Summary

There are more other ways to create awareness and engagement online and there’s no harm at trying everything. Organic search engine ranking (passive) may not cost you outright but takes longer time to accomplish (3-6 months at the start). Paid advertising can only take a day or two to claim ranking in Google but requires initial investment. Facebook and Google My Business are free but takes manual efforts to optimise and constantly update dynamic site contents to make it relevant and search-engine friendly.

Getting a website up and running is just the beginning but intentional marketing of your web asset (web-marketing) through various marketing channels will certainly pay multiple folds to your business potential online.

HiramHQ can effectively help you set-up a plan, budget and targets so you can efficiently carry-out your web-marketing goals without you having to do everything on your own unnecessarily.

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